Advanced Leadership Course & Executive Coaching



Prior to attending the Advanced Leadership Course, you will receive a copy of Crucial Conversations, 2nd Edition and be required to read selected chapters and complete an online stress test/survey. Attendees will also receive a copy of Core Values Compass, and be required to download a questionnaire on best practices based on experience from attending the pre-requisite course. Please allow 3-4 hours for completion of all required pre-work.

Day 1

Introduction and Energize2Lead™

Your Personal Leader's Compass


Allow 1-2 hours to complete the required readings and exercises from Day 1.

Day 2

Advanced Leadership Communications

  • Learn and recognize the characteristics of effective communications.
  • Understand how to identify crucial conversations.
  • Learn how to use the Dialogue Model to analyze the critical components of crucial conversations.
  • Learn the importance of feedback.
  • Identify and manage style under stress.

Effective Decision Making

  • Describe the factors which influence decision quality and commitment.
  • Apply decision-making principles to make an effective decision in order to achieve an organizational goal.
  • Define decision-making processes in terms of subordinate involvement.
  • Describe the circumstances which affect the amount of subordinate participation in decision-making.
  • Define an effective decision in terms of quality and commitment of those who must execute it.
  • Explain the trade-off between the Time-focused and Development-focused models of decision-making.

Leading Change

  • Learn the 8 most common mistakes made by organizations trying to implement major change initiatives.
  • Understand the method for avoiding each of the 8 most common mistakes when implementing change in organizations.
  • Describe the conditions that cause people to resist change.
  • Learn the conditions that cause people to support change.
  • Describe how leaders can reduce resistance to change.


Allow 1-2 hours to complete the required readings and exercises from Day 2.

Day 3

Core Values Alignment

  • Learn how to clearly identify organizational values and expectations for individual behavior.
  • Understand the importance of communicating how the organization and individuals within it want to be perceived by others outside the organization.
  • Be able to define organizational values and the normative behaviors expected by all stakeholders associated with the organization.
  • Learn that an organization’s core ideology is its purpose coupled with its values.
  • Understand how to roll down the organization’s values by incorporating normative behaviors statements that demonstrate people are living the values.

Developing Your People

  • What is developing people and why it is so crucial.
  • Learn the three balanced strategies in developing others to include formal training, job assignments and self-development.
  • Understand why it is important to develop others from orientation until their last day a company.
  • Describe characteristics of effective development plans.
  • Describe the principles of effective delegation and why it is a key development strategy.
  • Learn how to conduct productive and periodic feedback sessions.

Personal Leadership Development Plan

  • Learn the importance of choosing a Mentor
  • Learn the Five Leadership Commitments
  • Complete a Personal Leadership Development Self-Assessment
  • Write a personal vision statement based on Your Leaders Compass
  • Write a Personal Leadership Development Plan

Post-event Follow-up