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Tom Watson is a senior corporate executive with over 30 years of experience in general management, marketing, product management, engineering, town government, municipality, restaurant, hospitality and service industries. He holds a B.S. degree from West Point and an M.S. in Education from the University of Southern California and has successfully led multi-national organizations and start-up companies in Asia.

As Regional President for the Asia Pacific Region of KPG, an Eastman Kodak affiliated company in the commercial printing industry, Tom led KPG Asia Pacific from an initial position of loss to one of noteworthy success, becoming a major contributor to the returns of KPG worldwide.

Graduating from West Point in 1969, Tom served in various active Army duty roles for five years during the Vietnam War era. After entering the Army Reserves and joining Eastman Kodak in 1974, positions in engineering, distribution, market research and product management prepared Tom well for his future fifteen year career in Asia. He also concurrently served in several military appointments with increasing command responsibility, attending the Command and General Staff College and U. S. Army War College, attaining the rank of Colonel at the conclusion of his military career.

Tom continued to hone his senior management skills during his time in Asia, working and living in Singapore and South Korea. As the GM of Kodak's subsidiary in South Korea, he led the organization in attaining record results and was selected to establish and lead a start-up Kodak subsidiary company covering China, Korea, India, Australia, and the countries of Southeast Asia.

Most recently, Tom has continued to apply the Academy Leadership philosophy and practices to deliver results during his tenure in Town Government as Town Councilman and to effectively guide, manage and develop leaders as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry as a restaurant owner.

Having presented public and private Academy Leadership programs to organizations in Asia and numerous U.S. cities, Tom's greatest interest is to continue sharing his leadership experience and expertise to develop managers into future leaders.


This program gave me tools that I didn't know existed and didn't realize that I needed. It made me think of leadership in new ways and will be an asset to me from now until far into the future.

Neal Demaray, Director of Engineering, Hilton Worldwide
Based on what I had heard of the Leadership Excellence Course I expected it to help me build my Leadership skills. But I did not expect the course to help me re-align my life. The tools and processes taught in the course helped me see a huge disconnect between my belief system and my actions. Daily I was making decisions to postpone spending time with my family so that I could complete projects and tasks on my To-Do List. Now that I have set clearer boundaries and made others aware of what they could expect from me as far as being available, I derive more satisfaction from my work and my productivity has improved! Thank you for such a wonderful program.

Paula Wedemeyer, Managing Director, Ithaca Equestrian Center