Become the type of leader your people want to follow.
We build leaders at all levels of the organization, in all industries using a military-based, business-proven approach.
It's about results.
  • Over the past two years, we’ve partnered with Academy Leadership to develop the skills of our leadership team. As a global company, we brought our leaders together for the intensive 3-day Leadership Boot Camp where we learned the critical leadership skills needed to be effective leaders. The result of our leaders implementing these skills in their everyday activities has increased our bottom line by 20%.

    Dennis C. Parker, CEO
    Active Minerals International
  • I found Academy Leadership helps leaders really think about what they believe in. It also makes your expectations crystal clear to subordinates. People want leaders they can predict. They want to know, up front, what’s valued and what’s not. That’s what the personal leadership philosophy does for you.

    Robert McDonald
    Retired Chairman, President and CEO
    Procter & Gamble
  • I have taken many training programs throughout my career, but this was by far the most educational, engaging and enjoyable! The class taught me new leadership skills and expanded on the ones that I had. The facilitator’s real-world examples were great and I enjoyed the interactive dialogue that occurred between the other participants.

    Robert Cerny, JP Morgan
    Graduate of the Leadership Excellence Course
  • What a great team learning experience this was. Ed is a creative teacher and storyteller who linked the lessons of a one hundred and fifty year old battle to our job as leaders of bringing the organization's goals into sharp focus and inspiring our people to achieve them. This was a great team building and leadership development exercise and one of the best investments in learning we have made. Plus it was a fun experience. I highly recommend this program.

    Michael E. Sproule, Chief Financial Officer
    New York Life Insurance Company
    Attended the Gettysburg Leadership Experience
  • This leadership program truly takes a holistic approach to leadership development. It starts with deep introspection of a person's core values, expectations of themselves and others, strengths and weaknesses and then dives deep into critical areas such as My Leader's Compass, Communication, Conflict, Time Management, Coaching, and Goal Setting. The biggest value comes in the fact that program provides sophisticated tools and a clear path to put these leadership concepts into practice the day you leave the program. This is the biggest win for me to get on the road towards becoming a better leader.

    Surendra Ajmera, Program Manager
    FedEx Services
    Graduate of the Leadership Boot Camp


What do you believe?

The Leadership Philosophy is the cornerstone to all Academy Leadership programs. Like an organizational mission statement, the exercise of drafting your personal leadership philosophy will help to keep you and your team on track and pointed toward clear goals. Your written leadership philosophy will let your team know what you expect, what you value, and how you'll act, with the additional benefits of making the workplace less stressful and more productive.