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Air Force Museum Experience

Launch into a three-day mission of leadership and join a crew of explorers as we use exhibits of Air Force and space program history to provide examples of decisions and leadership in action.

  • Consider different leadership style examples, and create a leadership philosophy that works for you.
  • See how large teams collaborate to deliver on goals.
  • Reflect on how motivation and employee engagement are linked, and how you as a leader can maximize both.

Battleship North Carolina Leadership Experience

Experience history as it comes to life during a three-day immersion on one of World War II’s greatest sea weapons, learning lessons on practical leadership and concepts proven in military and corporate settings.

  • Explore the warship and understand the human element in the success of a team
  • Experience the value of the environment and camaraderie of a ship at sea
  • Prepare for implementation of what you’ve learned and 90 days of follow-up coaching

Gettysburg Leadership Experience

A three-day immersion taking leaders to the battlefield to gain a new understanding of leadership, teamwork and communication through the study of the challenges facing commanders in this pivotal American Civil War battle.

  • Explore why character is key to building trust in teams
  • Learn how leaders can make the right call under pressure
  • Discover how to develop imagination and courage in yourself and others

Normandy Leadership Experience

This five-day adventure offers timeless lessons for today’s leaders on the site of one of the world’s greatest military operations, reaching a deep understanding of “leadership in action” through walking the ground of this famous struggle.

  • Build flexible organizations that execute in the midst of chaos and rapid change
  • Explore how leaders earn the trust of direct reports
  • Prepare the next generation of leaders