Leadership Keynote Speakers

Great Leadership Keynote Speakers deliver a memorable and inspiring message that will leave a lasting impression on your organization. We represent an array of distinguished military officers who, by sharing their experiences and historical knowledge through story, can guide listeners through the pivotal steps of becoming leaders of influence.

Keynote Speaker and Author
Ed has twenty-five years experience helping organizations as diverse as the FBI and CEO Conference Europe develop the kinds of leaders people want to follow.
Lt. General U.S. Army (Retired) and Keynote Speaker
Bob is the President of the University of South Carolina after a successful 43 year military career which culminated when he became the 59th Superintendent of the U. S. Military Academy.
Keynote Speaker
Robert has over thirty years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry, and is currently the Chief Medical Officer for San Juan Regional Medical Center.
Keynote Speaker and TopGun Instructor
David is a former Marine fighter pilot and TopGun instructor with 25 years of experience leading organizations to excellence. He is the CEO of Vertical Performance Enterprises.
Keynote Speaker and Author
Donna has 25 years of leadership experience as a Army Officer, Corporate Executive, Non-Profit Executive Director, high school coach, national bobsled team member, ski instructor, and US Congressional Candidate.
Keynote Speaker, Author and Facilitator
Roy E. Alston, PhD graduated from USMA in 1989. Roy is a combat veteran with extensive experience in supervision, management, leadership, strategy and organizational transformation.
Keynote Speaker and Author
Director of Executive Leadership Programs
Perry has over forty years of leadership experience as a Naval Aviator, Commanding Officer, Director of Athletics, State Cabinet Secretary, and as a coach and trainer.
Keynote Speaker and Facilitator
Tom Deierlein is a West Pointer, successful entrepreneur, Airborne Ranger, Wounded Warrior, and CEO of ThunderCat Technology. Tom is an OIF Vet who co-founded TD Foundation to assist children impacted by war.