Leader's Compass Workshop


This one-day workshop helps your leadership team to truly understand their existing approaches to leadership, and how to implement proven techniques for improvement. Participants will build self-awareness and communicate their expectations and behaviors clearly by writing their Personal Leadership Philosophy. Participants will also complete their Energize2Lead™ Profile (E2L), which will help them drive self-awareness and focus their leadership energy.

  • One day workshop at a location of your choosing
  • Develop your Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Complete and discuss your personal Energize2Lead Leadership Profile
  • Clearly communicate your beliefs, values, priorities, and expectations
  • Materials include a copy of The Leader’s Compass, 3rd Edition, a customized program folder, and a Personal Energize2Lead™ Leadership Profile

What do YOU believe?

Most organizations have a mission statement, organizational philosophy, or values proposition to guide members and focus their work. When clearly articulated, these statements help keep the organization on track and pointed towards defined goals.

Followers want their leaders to act according to a clear set of principles and to be consistent in their actions. Consistency and predictability create two important elements that are the foundation of any successful relationship between the leader and the team: Credibility and Trust.

A written leadership philosophy achieves the same thing on a personal level: it lets people know what you expect, what you value, and how you will act, with the additional benefits of making the workplace less stressful and more productive. And, like a compass, it helps keep you, the leader, on course.

We consider the development of this compass to be so critical that we make the Leadership Philosophy part of every Academy Leadership program. During this workshop, participants will immerse themselves in the process of answering important and thought-provoking questions about their beliefs, values, priorities, and expectations of themselves and those they lead. Through intensive self-reflection, your team will be guided to write and utilize this foundational tool as they continue their leadership journey.