Programs for Executives

For Executives and Teams
Customize a program for your team and let us come to you! Our Lead2Succeed™ sessions are multi-sensory, requiring reading, listening, writing and discussion. After each session participants practice applying the skill in the work place and report back to the group on what worked and what did not. This sharing of experiences provides a multiplication of the learning experience and creates a common leadership language among your team.
For Individuals, Executives and their Management Team
The Gettysburg Leadership Experience brings executives to the Civil War battlefield to learn timeless lessons on leadership. Through on-the-ground study of the leadership challenges facing commanders in the largest battle ever fought in North America, participants learn practical, usable lessons–about team building, morale and courage, dealing with ambiguity, effective communication, and the execution of strategic intent–that will benefit your organization today.
For Individuals, Executives and Teams
The Alaska Leadership Adventure is not just a breath-taking outdoor adventure trip, but an excellent opportunity to grow as a leadership team, diving deep into leadership philosophy, energy, temperament and team communication skills. Through training in the classroom and in the Alaska backcountry, participants learn practical leadership skills that will benefit their organizations immediately.
For Executives and their Management Team
Travel to the site of one of the world’s great military operations—the 1944 Allied liberation of France. Modeled on a technique used to train U. S. Army officers in leadership and decision-making, the experience lets participants see and feel, as no history book or mere lecture can, the challenges that faced commanders in World War Two’s pivotal battle in the West. Executives leave excited about their opportunities to be better leaders and armed with battle-tested tools they can use immediately.