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Individual and Team Programs

Leadership Foundations Course

A two-day course that gives new and aspiring leaders the foundation to build confidence, productivity and the ability to get things done through other people.

  • Participants will create their own Personal Leadership Philosophies
  • Provide new supervisors and aspiring leaders with the tools needed for success
  • Build a common language for teams to better understand and motivate each other

Leadership Boot Camp & Performance Coaching

A three-day, immersive workshop to help new and emerging leaders become more confident, more productive, and better able to get things done through other people.

  • Create your own Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Become a leader that people believe in
  • Master skills that will improve business results and accelerate your career

Academy Leadership's Signature Course

Leadership Excellence Course & Executive Coaching

A concentrated three-day program for all levels of management to equip them with new skills and provide a contemporary perspective on leadership.

  • Master the “soft skills” required to be an effective leader in today’s workplace
  • Construct your own Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • 90 days of follow-up coaching to support and reinforce training

Custom, In-House Programs

Leader's Compass Workshop

One day workshop to help your team build self-awareness and communicate their expectations and behaviors clearly by writing their Personal Leadership Philosophy.

  • Clearly communicate beliefs, values, priorities, and expectations by drafting your Leadership Philosophy
  • Build self-awareness by completing and discussing your personal Energize2Lead™ Profile with your team
  • Implement proven techniques for improvement immediately following the workshop

Experiential Programs

Leadership Excellence Course Aboard the Battleship North Carolina

Experience history as it comes to life during a three-day immersion on one of World War II’s greatest sea weapons, learning lessons on practical leadership and concepts proven in military and corporate settings.

  • Explore the warship and understand the human element in the success of a team
  • Experience the value of the environment and camaraderie of a ship at sea
  • Prepare for implementation of what you’ve learned and 90 days of follow-up coaching