The Gettysburg Leadership Experience


The Gettysburg Leadership Experience brings executives to the Civil War battlefield to learn timeless lessons on leadership. Now you can experience what CEO's and their top teams have found so compelling and gain new insights and new ideas on...

  • How leaders can make the right calls amid murky, ill-defined conditions, incomplete information and high pressure
  • The intricacies of decision-making in very large organizations, and how culture affects what's possible
  • How successful leaders share their vision for success and reduce the possibility of misinterpretation
  • How leaders develop imagination and courage in themselves and others
  • Why character is a central element of leadership

Through on-the-ground study of the leadership challenges facing commanders in the largest battle ever fought in North America, participants learn practical, usable lessons-about team building, morale and courage, dealing with ambiguity, effective communication, and the execution of strategic intent-that will benefit their organizations today.

"Thank you for facilitating such an outstanding experience last week! The team left with a heightened sense of self-awareness, energy and commitment for taking our individual and collective game to the next level."

Brad Smith, CEO

Bring Gettysburg to You!

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