Free Leadership Evaluation

Assess the overall status of your leadership competencies. What do you know and apply in your role as a leader? Read the following statements and indicate how strongly you agree with each statement by selecting the appropriate response.

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  1. I know where we are going as a company for the next 10+ years.
  1. I know the major action steps to get us to this common vision.
  1. Everyone within my team knows who is accountable for each major action step.
  1. Each member of my team has a clearly articulated written leadership philosophy that has been shared up and down their supervisory chain.
  1. I know and enforce the company's values what is tolerated and what is not.
  1. I have stated clearly to my direct reports how I will evaluate their performance and potential.
  1. I know my high payoff activities and spend most of my time on them.
  1. I set realistic goals that can be measured and tracked for myself and my people.
  1. I review the goals of the people who report to me to ensure they are in alignment with my goals and the larger organization's goals.
  1. I use the appropriate media when communicating.
  1. I am always sure that my message is communicated in the way that I mean it.
  1. I understand and engage in active listening.
  1. I make high quality decisions while gaining the commitment of those who will implement them.
  1. I know when to involve direct reports in the decision making process.
  1. I know when and how to delegate decisions effectively.
  1. I understand the various ways in which people are motivated.
  1. I understand the relationship between motivation, performance, and satisfaction.
  1. I know how to administer appropriate rewards and punishments to motivate my people.
  1. I know the characteristics of effective groups and how to influence them.
  1. I know how to generate trust within my work group.
  1. I understand and use the stages of team development when in charge of a work team.
  1. I know how to assess people's developmental needs and create developmental plans for them.
  1. I give people appropriate tasks to assist them in their self-development.
  1. I understand how to assess why tasks are not completed and take appropriate action to fix the problem.

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