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Anchorage, Alaska
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2024 Registration Calendar

June 11-13, 2024
Anchorage, AK
June 25-27, 2024
Santa Cruz, CA
July 16-18, 2024
Seattle, WA
August 6-8, 2024
Santa Monica, CA
October 8-10, 2024
San Diego, CA
October 22-24, 2024
Honolulu, HI
December 3-5, 2024
San Jose, CA

2025 Registration Calendar

January 28-30, 2025
Seattle, WA
February 25-27, 2025
Santa Monica, CA


Jay Pullins has been leading and developing leaders in a variety of settings for over 30 years. He has a diverse background as a leadership coach, military officer, an appointed state official, and Executive Pastor of Alaska's largest church.

Jay has trained over 1,400 leaders in the last five years, from Alaska to Southern California, in various fields from universities to military, construction, product distribution, manufacturing, telecommunications, churches, banks, casinos, and a railroad.

A 1989 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Jay led U.S. and multi-national teams for the U.S. Air Force, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), NORAD, and the Alaska National Guard. He led combat crews as an Air Battle Manager in Operation DESERT STORM, the conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, no-fly zones over Iraq, and counter-drug operations in Central and South America. Jay retired as an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel in 2011.

Jay served as Chief of Staff to the Lieutenant Governor, then Special Assistant to the Governor of Alaska. He also served as Executive Pastor of ChangePoint church for five years. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the US Air Force Academy, and a Master's Degree in Adult & Higher Education from the University of Oklahoma.

Jay and his wife, Sonia, live in Anchorage, Alaska, and have two sons and two grandchildren.


We all agreed — your intensive workshop facilitation prowess and pertinent anecdotes made wading through the challenging stuff a true joy. Thank you, and we look forward to participating in another of your events in the future!”

Jordan Gottlieb, Lead Software Engineer
Yakima Chief Hops
Jay is an excellent listener with an uncanny ability to tease out the issue, pinpoint it into context, and provide real life solutions. I've been inspired to be a better leader, and now have the tools to get me there. Jay, you are particularly great at giving examples from your own environment, which solidified a concept. Thank you!

Debra Ambrose, Chief Administrative Officer, Philosophy Department
UC San Diego
I recommend the program without reservation not only because of the content but because of the quality of instruction provided by Jay Pullins. I appreciate his sincerity and expertise, and I am inspired from his teaching. You can tell right off the bat that he lives and breathes leadership. He is a great role model and the right instructor to lead this training.

Linda Thai Schlossman, Principal HR Analyst, Office of the Exec. Vice Chancellor
University of California San Diego
Having known Jay for many years, I have personally benefited greatly from his leadership and have watched him in action as he has led and trained countless other individuals. It's rare these days to find a man who: leads well, can equip others to lead, and does so with integrity in both his professional and private life. I highly recommend Jay!

Rob Fischer, Author & Leadership Coach
It has been my distinct pleasure to know Jay for these past three decades. As a friend, his loyalty has been fierce. As an example, his life has been unparalleled. I am thrilled that he's taking on this challenge of growing up more leaders, and I hope the others find their time with him to be as enriching as my time has been.

John Plating, PhD., Director, Center for Calling & Career, Covenant College