The Gettysburg Leadership Experience for Collegiate Leaders

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience is not a study of military strategy, but an excellent opportunity to stimulate new thinking and a new understanding of leadership, teamwork and communication. Through on-the-ground study of the leadership challenges facing commanders in this pivotal battle of the American Civil War, participants learn practical, usable lessons that will benefit their teams today, gaining new insights and new ideas on:

  • How peer leadership is an integral and essential part of achieving both individual and team success
  • The importance of setting the example and holding each other accountable to build lasting bonds
  • How successful leaders share their vision for success, reduce the possibility of misinterpretation, and get everyone pulling in the same direction
  • How leaders develop imagination and courage in themselves and others
  • Why character, a central element of leadership, is the key to building trust on teams
"The students have been raving about the Gettysburg program and I know many of them have continued working on their Leadership Philosophy and thinking about the leadership lessons they’ve learned since being back on campus. A few have even shared the lessons with their coaches already and expressed their interest in working with them and the team for the year ahead. Thank you again for this incredible opportunity that will impact their lives (and my own) for years to come."
Eline Vermeulen
Student-Athlete Development Assistant
Bucknell University