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Jim Nalepa joined Academy Leadership in 2009 and currently has a franchise in South Florida.

He is certified to facilitate all Academy Leadership course offerings. His passion for the subject of leadership and his energetic delivery has been recognized with the Facilitation Excellence Award every year since its inception in 2013.

Concurrent with his Academy Leadership activities Jim is the Founder of Nalepa & Associates, a boutique Executive Search firm which has over 25 years’ experience of building Leadership teams for a diversified group of corporate clients. Jim is regarded as one of the country’s top Executive search professionals.

He has been a guest commentator on leadership and executive performance at The Kellogg Business School of Northwestern University. Jim has been cited in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Crain's Chicago Magazine, Working Woman and BOSS Magazine.

Jim graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1978. He served in various leadership capacities in the United States Army, first with the 3rd Infantry Division in Germany and then with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, N.C. He was a member of the Grenada Rescue Mission in 1983. He left active service as a Captain in 1984.

Upon leaving active service, Jim became Director of Recruiting for Pfizer Inc. the world's largest Pharmaceutical Company. In 1988, Jim founded Junior Officer Recruiting, Inc. JOR, trained and placed selected junior military officers with Fortune 250 companies. Moving upward to the Executive Search ranks, he joined DHR as Executive Vice President and then became President of Morgan International.

In 2001, Jim founded Nalepa & Associates to recapture a client centric vision and focus on leadership, which he believes is the most critical skill set of any executive.

Jim is the Past President of the West Point Society of Chicago, a former board member of the USO of Illinois, and a Life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion.


The program provides real substance to the concept of leadership, not just as an abstract idea. It provides a comprehensive understanding of what true leadership entails. It also delivers the tools and exercises in a way that makes real world application of leadership principles easy to work into our professional and personal lives.

Dave Bork, Business Development Manager
Upon graduation from the Leadership Excellence Course, I felt it was the best personal and professional development course I'd ever attended. However, after taking Academy Leadership's Advanced Leadership course I now feel there's a tie.

The Advanced course took the skills I'd learned and incorporated in the LEC to the next level. If the LEC laid the foundation and put up the framework, then the Advanced course completed the job, inspecting the fundamentals before hand-crafting the finish work.

Jim Nalepa's dynamic instruction made the 3-day course pass much too quickly. The topics could easily be the subject of full-semester instruction in a college setting.

The lessons I've learned from these two courses have taught me to be not simply "a better manager," but truly a Leader and I can't thank you enough for assisting me on this journey.
Heather Pontius, MBA, MIS, PMP
The Advanced Leadership Course allows leaders to hone their skills and provides real life practice of all the nuts and bolts of management. It gave me an excellent refresher of the management skills that are the most important for success and results. The Crucial Conversations book, discussion and practice exercises were worth the price of admission alone. The ability to think through and practice these skills will be critical for me to advance in my company or to move my skills somewhere else.

The facilitator is one of the best I have ever worked with and has the energy of 5 men. He kept me engaged and constnatly wanting more. The other students provided loads of real life situations and plenty of advice that I will take to heart. It was one of the best classes I have ever attended and that is saying a lot!
The Advanced Leadership course re-energized me to fight the status quo and do the right things at work...and to encourage others to do the same. Often we take a course and are pumped up when we leave, then return to work only to fall back into the same old slump. This course has take away tools, post-course work, and on-going coaching and support that help you implement what you learned. Jim Nalepa brought the passion to do the right things and to take the high road rather than the easy way out. Also the connections made and the shared challenges of others who participated in the course provide extra resources for support. This life learning has truly changed my actions not only in the weeks to come, but throughout the rest of my career.
Tammy Meyer
Engergizing session that will teach you everything you thought you already knew. This program takes a unique approach by telling you who you are and what leadership style you possess. From there it takes you on a journey to teach you how to accentuate your strengths and develop your blidesides. I have been managing at one level or another for 20 years, and thought I knew all I needed to know to lead a team. I learned that just because my department is successful, that doesn't mean that I am as good a leader as I can be. I learned that I have forgotten alot about what it means to be an effective leader. I am very greatful that I have experienced this course and have been reminded of what it means to be a leader. Not only do I thank you, but all of my direct reports thank you as well, even though they don't realize it yet. Thank you!
Gary P. Pecor
This was one training program that I wasn't really looking forward to, but it completely exceeded my expectatiions. Jim is an excellent facilitator. He makes you feel comfortable regardless of your thoughts and ideas and helps guide you to better understanding.
Judy Meigel
This is by far and above the best leadership program out there. I have taken many leadership courses both in college and in the professional workplace. This course covers ideas, practical application and skills required in EVERY aspect of life. This is the ONLY course on leadership that can be applied to both personal and professional leadership. Jim Nalepa has been a wonderful instructor and facilitator. He not only presents the material, he provides REAL LIFE application of the concepts covered. Jim has brought this topic and course to life. I never once felt like the course was boring. I did not even look at the clock throughout the entire course.
Richard Bowser, Sr. Engineer